The BottleDrop Give account and Blue Bag program are optional services intended to provide community-oriented fundraising opportunities to approved non-profit, tax-exempt organizations which have either their headquarters in Oregon or have a chapter with an Oregon mailing address, and are conducting work to that primarily benefits Oregon communities. Thanks to the Toledo Community Foundation, the pool is able to participate in this program.

Money collected from this program will provide scholarships to kids who cannot afford swimming lessons or Toledo Tidal Wave swim team costs. Interested participants will need to pickup a blue bag from the Greater Toledo Pool and a QR code sticker, one bag per person please. You would then take the bag, filled with bottles and cans to your nearest BottleDrop. Below is additional information about the program:

  • Only BottleDrop Blue Bags are accepted for counting by BottleDrop. BottleDrop may refuse to count containers dropped in any bag other than a BottleDrop Blue Bag.
  • Containers in a Blue Bag must have been purchased in Oregon. Knowingly returning containers purchased outside of Oregon may be punishable with a $250 fine under Oregon law.
  • Blue Bags may include a mix of plastic, metal, and glass containers in the same bag.
  • Affix one Bag Tag to each Blue Bag prior to dropping it off. Bags dropped without a Bag Tag will not be credited to the BottleDrop account.
  • Bags will not be accepted if they:
  • Contain trash or non-redeemable containers
    Are over 20 lb. (about 30 standard 12 oz. glass bottles)
    Contain crushed or broken containers
    Contain unrinsed or sticky containers that do not freely fall out of an open bag
    Are ripped or cut, untied, not fully closed, or otherwise improperly handled


    Bags cannot be picked up inside the Redemption Center and are not available at grocery stores. Blue Bags and QR codes can only be picked up at the Greater Toledo Pool.
    Fill Blue Bags with Oregon 10 cent deposit containers. Plastic, aluminum, and glass can go in the same bag. Please keep bags under the 20 lb. weight limit. Please, ensure that no trash is inside Blue Bags.
    Blue Bags can be dropped off at your nearest BottleDrop or at the Greater Toledo Pool.
    Funds received will assist families with scholarships for lessons and swim team costs.

Thank you for your continued support.

Greater Toledo Pool